Air Filters for HVAC Systems

One of the things we have to remember about any HVAC system is that it needs regular cleaning and servicing. There is something really important about getting your HVAC system cleaned and checked out every few months. Now you may think the system will keep working as it has for the past year or so, but the fact remains that the longer you go without any maintenance, the more inefficiently it is going to run. And the last thing you want is an inefficient system, because things could start to go badly wrong for you.

The reason why HVAC air filter housing matters so much is because the air filters have got to be clean. Not only are you getting air that will have irritants in it if you are not careful about changing the filter regularly, but your AC or heater is not going to perform at the same level as before if there is a dirty filter. So to get the same level of heating and cooling, the system will have to work harder. And there is a joint reason why you do not want your system to work harder than it did before to get to the same temperature.

The reasons are twofold. For one, you do not want the system to work harder because it reduces its longevity. Say the system is working 30 percent more than it did before because you have a dirty air filter you never change. Now add up those percentages for 30 days or 60 days, or even longer, and you are finding that your system’s life span will start to go down because you are not diligent about changing the filter. And secondly, you will be paying more in electricity bills if the system has to work harder to get to the same temperature that you always set.